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You can call me Bon. I'm straight you ask me afuckingain I'll hit you. I'm a lifter and a Cardio freak I guess being into Cardio doesn't make me a lifter huh?
Forging in process..
I fucking love the rush of most things that are bad for me but who gives a fuck yeah? Im 20 Y.O & I live in Florida. I swear more than a sailor.
This is my personal-fitness blog expect to see bodybuilders & random things that give me a giggle. or make me say YOO. I've had enough of the world's shit so if I'm suddenly rude about things don't be surprised. I'm friendly though

I just want to follow fun girls that post about fitness. I don't care if they lift or what as long as they post about fitness and health (they can post about other stuff too though, I like personal posts). I just followed people that were always mean to their followers so I'm trying to find nicer girls that can give me advice!

Oh okay uhhhhhhhm so many. You done fucked up! fun too you say? I’m just going to try to list everyone I can lol have fun checking them all out not sure about the advice though

the-last-rep-counts curvyybetch britt-is-fit runsleepygirl buns-and-guns crushthewall peanutbutterandsquats deadlift-khaleesi blondebarbells ionlyliftontuesdays sunalwaysshining lifegains sexyfitarmychick determined-mind shreddedtopanga blondebarbells swoleinvelvet colormesylverwoodandglass suckmyquad fight-0ff-yourdem0ns fightingformyfitness lexliftlove queenprotein readytolift doshesquatthebooty define-dibs lydiaannlabouve fitness-everdeen cake-vs-squats optimus-primette slim-and-svelte cheers-to-the-fitblrs barbells-and-highheels powerliftinglikewonderwoman 4insley fit-and-skinny-kate lifteatgetswole thebarbelles eatsleepsquateat kettlebellsandkittens gym-babe bananasandkale alayshalifts gym-sleep-repeat blondesquats buttsandbarbells deadliftbarbie jackehlean sassysquats mykindoffitness perspicasity earnednotgiven and warriorinthemaking I’m 100% positive I missed a few again but this time I tried to make it longer with the help of my dashboard ayyy have fun anon. you have no idea how jittery and tingly I am from trying to do this with preworkout in my system

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Who are good blogs to follow? For mainly male fitspo?




Uhm when you say male fitspo you mean like just fitness stuff from males or IDK nvm.. you’re going to have to check them out they’re all cool af

liftstuffup lifting-demons glassceilingofgreatness drwannabe rippedbeast swolizard rastafarifit barbellbasics lordbates gainsongains quads-for-the-gods quadguyin-china 5eva-flexin ruyigotwang physicallyandmentallyfitmedic southernswole warriorinthemaking flexblr allthefitness notasupersaiyan-yet strikeblr moreweights irontemple I feel like I’m leaving out sooooo many but this is all I could really come up with rn sorry <3

This is a dope list but it’s missing captainjaymerica

Haha thanks man, but that is an awesome list of guys there!

TruuuuuuuuI’m sorry :< I was eating when I put it together so I’m super positive I missed a lot haha so I guess to who everyone I missed could like it so that they check the notes and check out the similar blogs?

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how about female fitblrs? what are some that you would recommend that don't post much thinspo?

Let me get this straight cause I mean mostly everyone that I follow doesn’t post like all fitness stuff so are you looking for female fitblrs/lifters ? or female fitblrs/lifters that in general post that? I dont think I follow anyone that posts thinspo anyway

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ur very cute and very far away please come be cute closer to me

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No matter what you look like someone’s gunna say something they’re just trying to get under your skin. Being upset about what they said is just making them happier. So fuck the insecure asshole THEY DONT MEAN SHIT.

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