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You can call me Bon. I'm straight you ask me afuckingain I'll hit you. I'm a lifter and a Cardio freak I guess being into Cardio doesn't make me a lifter huh?
Forging in process..
I fucking love the rush of most things that are bad for me but who gives a fuck yeah? Im 20 Y.O & I live in Florida. I swear more than a sailor.
This is my personal-fitness blog expect to see bodybuilders & random things that give me a giggle. or make me say YOO. I've had enough of the world's shit so if I'm suddenly rude about things don't be surprised. I'm friendly though


when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests


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Fucking compliment someone. Cause it takes three damn seconds and makes their whole 24 hours better. Just do it ok.

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